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I did this during my PhD. The idea was both to learn unreal engine 3 and to create a synthetic player for a custom map. As I am working on difficulty analysis within video games, I wanted to use this synthetic player to wander through a level and find out which part of it was too difficult, or wether or not he could find what to do next.... But this was not the correct approach. Unreal engine is a very good game engine but it's AI is limited to basic state of the art Game AI, using simple path nodes at the lowest level. This is not enough to simulate a real player's behaviour. Another problem was that I had to think about theoretical issues before implementing something worthfull in a game engine, and that if prototyping in unreal engine is quite quick, it's not as quick as coding it with some sprites and OpenGL. So this project ended very soon, but however made me learn how to put a 3ds model into unreal engine, create a level, make custom materials and tune AI scripts. I put it there just for fun.

These two gigantic rabbits cannot get killed with basic weapons. You'll need to find a redeemer to get rid of them.

Rabbits HQ...

Rabbits breeding stock !