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This christmas I got a snake cube. They wanted a tough one so they bought the 4*4*4 snake cube (each side is 4 cubes long). I\'ve broken my brain on it but I can\'t solve it. So I tried to cheat and found a solution on a website and asked for help at the lab but, even with the solution, no one made it. So as I was really frustrated (and I would really like to talk about difficulty scaling and how not to frustrate the player with the guy responsible for this) I decided to make my computer work for me. I wrote a solver, and tried to made it "graphical" so that I could make something fun out of that pieces a wood. It solves the 4*4*4 in 10 hours, and manages the 3*3*3, much more popular version, in 100ms. I made a slow motion movie, so that I can watch the 3*3*3 cube getting solved. You will find it in that section.

Solving 3*3*3 snake cube