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I created this simulator for the last game by Motion-twin : Sky War. This software simulates most of the game's logic and let you test and tune quickly your favourite rush strategy. It also provides a genetic algorithm to polish your strategy : should I create one or two fields ? When should I create them ? The algorithm tries various mutations of your strategie, changing only what it's allowed to, and gives you the mutated strategy with the best fitness. I did this by curiosity, and because this game is actually way too slow to test strategies as quiclky as I would like to. I spent some time to polish it a little bit, so that anyone can use it. Feel free to report any bug though. This software exist in a much more limited, but web based version : YaSkyBuild.


Parameters screen. Create you construction list, and your update scheddule...

One of the stat screens (gas and material levels)

Log screen, everything that happened during the war...

Fight screen : quickly explore the whole battle